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The Fundamentals of Search Engine Optimization

The story of SEO goes back to the 1990s when search engines were introduced as the very first. Today, it’s an important marketing strategy and a rapidly growing business.

What is the SEO!?

The process of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to an approach to optimize your site with the aim of increasing your ranking in the results of search engines and also to gain greater natural (non-paid) visitors.

SEO concentrates solely on organic search results and doesn’t incorporate Paid Per Click (PPC) Optimization. Both SEO and PPC are a part of Search Engine Marketing.

Daily, internet users use search engines whenever they’re searching for something.

You’re looking to provide an answer to that something. It doesn’t matter if your site is designed to offer a service or product or write a blog or any other thing; search engine optimization is essential for every webmaster.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in a simple talk

SEO refers to all the actions you take to help Google think your site is an authoritative source and make it more prominent for your preferred search terms.

Usually, when we talk about SEO, we are referring to Google optimization. 

The reason is that all the suggestions and tricks in this article are primarily focused on Google SEO as it is the most used one. Still, some of them are universal and applicable to the optimization of every other type of search engine.

SEO in the simplest terms

It is not necessary to know ALL the aspects and precise algorithm Google employs to rank your site. However, you should be aware of the most important elements of SEO for success.

A quick way to grasp the three most crucial elements is to think of the image of a bowl of soup, “SEO soup”.

Three key elements of SEO Soup:

  1. Technical information: The bowl is all technical aspects you have to consider (often called technical SEO or on-page SEO). Without a bowl, there’d be no way to store the soup.
  2. Excellent content: The soup is the content of your site The most crucial element. Poor quality content means no rankings It’s as simple as that.
  3. High-quality backlinks: The seasoning is backlinks that boost the credibility of your site. It is possible to have excellent content and an optimized site, but ultimately you must establish authority by acquiring high-quality backlinks, which is the final ingredient that makes you SEO recipe perfect.

The Vocabulary of SEO

Once you’ve started looking into SEO you’ll find several terms used to define its different methods or aspects, such as:

  • Off-page SEO and On-page SEO
  • White and black SEO

Although they’re not really so important from a practical perspective however, it is important to understand their significance.

What are Off-page SEO and On-page SEO terms!?

The “on-page” and “off-page” SEO classify the SEO actions wither it is done on the website itself or no.

On-Page Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is all you can achieve on your website, starting with the optimization of the content to technical part.

On-Page Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - Online Marketing Summaries
  1. Keyword research  
  2. Content preparation and implementation
  3. Title optimization  
  4. Optimization of page performance  
  5. Internal link  

The objective is to offer the best content and UX as well as telling search engines what the page’s content is.

Keep in your mind that on-page Search Engine Optimization and technical Search Engine Optimization are often utilized to differentiate between SEO that is related to content (e.g. title tags) as well as technical-oriented optimization (e.g. speed of the page).

Off-Page Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is mostly about acquiring high-quality backlinks in order to demonstrate to Google that you site is trustworthy and valuable. backlinks building could include:

  1. Guest posts
  2. Emails 
  3. Broken links replacing

Off-page Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can also be related to other aspects of digital marketing, including the use of social media for marketing as well as branding, which can influence in a way creating trust and repetition toward your website.

Off-Page Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - Online Marketing Summaries

Profitable SEO strategy includes both of off-page and on-page SEO actions.

What are the difference between white hats and black SEO!?

White and black hats are a part of Western films. They were used to represent bad people and good people.

In SEO these terms are used to refer to two kinds of SEOs, namely those who follow the guidelines set forth by the Google’s Webmaster Guidelines and those who do not.

These strategies can take you on the first page of search results in a very short amount of time however, it is likely that search engines will likely penalize and block the site in the near future or sooner.

White-hat SEO On the other hand, is referring to all regular SEO techniques that follow the rules and guidelines. It’s a long-term approach that has good rankings as the result of a well-optimized website as well as quality content and a user-centric method of operation.

Although SEO experts are in agreement that “white black hat” is the best way to take, there are a variety of opinions regarding the legitimacy of different link building methods (including purchase of links).

Frequently asked questions about SEO

Is it possible to perform the SEO myself?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) isn’t easy. It’s not rocket science at all.

There are things that you can do immediately and there are some concepts that require longer and more time. Yes, SEO is something you can accomplish by yourself.

The main question is whether you’re willing to commit some time to learn all aspects of SEO or employ a professional and put your time elsewhere.

What can I do to learn SEO?

There are some things you can do to get started with SEO:

  • Use trusted resources
  • Get your hands on experience
  • Don’t be afraid to try new things
  • You must be patient (SEO is an endurance race and not a race)

How much time it needs to master SEO?

To address this issue to answer this question, we’ll employ a typical response from SEO experts for nearly any SEO question: it depends.

Although acquiring the fundamentals isn’t going to take more than a few weeks, the actual mastery of this skill is largely on the method of practice that is a matter of months or even years.

Not to be left out, SEO is changing all every day. You should always learn and be updated with the most recent developments, research and discoveries.

Do I require SEO tools?

If you’re committed to SEO it is important to not overlook the valuable information and insight offered by various SEO tools. 

SEO Tools can give you an edge in the market and will save you lots of time.

Here are the most important SEO tools that every site owner must use:

Is the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) dead?

When people say, “SEO is dying”, they usually refer to “the fraudulent attempts to deceive on the Google algorithm employed to cheat the algorithm a decade ago have become now gone”. In addition, Search engine optimization is an important marketing strategy in the digital marketing.



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